We should never underestimate ‘Accessories’. We all have moments (I have them very frequently though) that I have nothing to wear. The clothes look mundane to me and I just find everything boring. There is no escape because I do not have the privilege to never repeat clothes (How I wish I had, on another note Kate Middleton just made repeating outfits cool!). The only escape for us mortals is to take the route of Accessories!

The very ‘run of the mill’ white tee and blue jeans with an accent of gold and orange just breathed some life to the look. The way to wear your basics each time is by accessorizing them differently each time. The pop of color came from this vibrant sling bag from Funkaari

I matched the vibrant bag with some matching heels and gold jewelry. Oversized hoops added the drama and stacking bracelets added the casual vibes.

I am totally ready to paint the town ‘Orange’ !

Top- Zara | Jeans – Vero Moda | Heels – Zara | Bag – Funkaari

xo, Tanvi

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so this blog is for handbag lovers👜

So usually we all loves the handbags..❤💓who doesn’t??

its very essential thing which is very necessary or useful in every day to day life ..

it brings a more charm to your personality

usage of handbags differs from person to person.. some uses it as to carry along there useful things in it when they go out

& some uses it as fashion statement as its adds more sparks in your attitude & gesture..

Every woman has a penchant to stand out in a crowd. She dresses to look attractive and her accessories have to complement her appearance. A handbag is an essential element of a woman’s outfit. Every woman likes to be admired for her taste in clothing and accessories.

So leather is among one of the luxurious material in the handbags.. it brings out royalty in you..

everywomen should invest in one good geniune leather handbag.. As it will make a lady with a class..

Not only in womens , in mens also handbags plays a vital role in there personality .. i.e classy duffle bags , office bags, wallets etc

So if you are looking for a Classy royal geniune leather bags & doesnt want a big hole in your pocket.. so Funkari is your stop..
its not like the only big brands or imported ones serves u with the best one ..

Funkari is totally handmade crafted with love..

made in india.. truely defines the purity of our culture & country..

i think that for the spring/ summer 2018 funkari bag collection ; overwhelming theme was moderation. Nothing was extra – and instead, the spring 2018 bags were either just a blend of elements, or pure minimalism. We saw a lot of leather, with a bit of snakeskin and fabric here and there for variety. The colors were all about soft and minimalistic, with only a few louder prints,& unique designs..

so here is the latest collection of funkari bags..

i totally loved this one from there new spring collection😍 color of this handbag is so impressive❤✨ it vl totally go with ur Summers light color outfits..

this amazing ultra unique print of this sling bag will help u to stand out of the crowd✌something really so unique & diffrent

wow.. 😍😍 i totally loved this forest theme bag from there new collection.. these one is totally for all those bag packers, who loves to adventure..

click on the link above to check out there latest collection ✌✌



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Designer Leather Handbags from Funkaari

A handbag can speak volumes about a person. What does your handbag say about you? Does it define you as a person of taste and class or a person with a casual outlook on life who likes to own good things?

Either way your handbag helps you to project an image that the world perceives you by. When it comes to handbags – leather is the essential element. A genuine leather handbag is easily recognisable. If you’re trying to pass off something fake – you might not know it, but everyone else knows your secret.

Leather bags are expensive, but it is an investment to uphold your image. Every woman of substance ensures that she invests in at least one good genuine leather handbag.

Formal wear handbags
A designer handbag serves you for casual use as well as for formal wear. Women who are conscious of their social appearance have to ensure that every detail about their outfit and accessories are in place. Brands speak, but quality is what serves you better. When buying a leather handbag, make sure you choose a brand that offers high quality like Funkaari. With the extensive range that Funkaari has to offer you can find the perfect bag that suits your particular style.

The casual handbag
Funkaari also has a vast range of handbags for younger women who do not want to trot around in high heels and formal outfits, but would rather wear clothes from sports brands. They need a handbag that can suit their casual image and damn care attitude. Funkaari offers fashionable handbags that will match your spontaneous getup.

Why do women want designer handbags?
Every woman has a penchant to stand out in a crowd. She dresses to look attractive and her accessories have to complement her appearance. A handbag is an essential element of a woman’s outfit. Every woman likes to be admired for her taste in clothing and accessories.

A woman’s handbag should look expensive – this is a very essential criteria. The bag should be from a good and reputable brand. Women are very brand conscious. Some women are bolder and like to make a statement. They would rather try new and upcoming brands that look promising and offer high quality products rather than settle for familiar tops brands that no longer offer value for money.

A designer bag has a charming appeal. Any woman can tell that your bag is something spectacular or an ordinary run of the mill type. Funkaari is a reputed brand which offers a huge variety of top quality handbags made from the choicest of leather.

Matching your bag to your outfit

Matching your bag with your outfit does not only depend on colour but also on style. Let us suppose you are wearing a traditional Indian outfit, when you begin to accessories you look at items that match your outfit. You choose jewellery that has a traditional design; your shoes are aligned to your outfit in colour and style even your head gear is suiting your outfit. In this traditional garb you cannot expect to carry a handbag that has a modern design. It would look totally out of place.

Similarly when you are wearing a chic evening gown for dinner party you cannot carry a handbag that has a traditional touch or a casual look to it. Many women match their accessories including their shoes to their outfit but forget about the handbag, like there is no choice.

But there is a choice and this is the reason why Funkaari has such a wide range of bags for you to choose from.  A dainty purse with a delicate chain is the perfect blend for an evening dress or you could try a dressy looking sleek clutch bag. A large tote bag for an elegant outfit is a total mismatch.

One should know when you can carry a large tote bag and when you need to carry a chic looking bag. There are certain occasions where a sling bag is perfect and then other occasions when a tote bag is better suited.

You choice of bag should depend on the occasion as well as your outfit. As soon as you have decided on your outfit the next thing that every woman does is to match her shoes. Then you match your jewellery and other accessories. But you need to add one more sequence to your regime, which involves selecting the right bag.

One big hint in being able to choose the right bag is to choose your handbag to match the footwear you have selected for the occasion. When your shoes and bag are in sync you are pretty much coordinated in your presentation.

Many women go wrong with their selection of handbag for the occasion. If your handbag doesn’t match your getup it stands out like a sore thumb and somehow mars the appearance you worked so hard on.

Generally the right way to go about your bags is to keep them matching your footwear. Many women end up with as many bags as they have shoes. This just helps you to look smart and well turned out at every occasion.

So every time you buy a new pair of shoes, make sure you have a matching bag. If not, you can find the right bag in the Funkaari collection of bags.

How to choose the right bag

A bag is an essential accessory for every woman. It depicts feminism and says a lot about the nature and character of a person. Choosing the right bag is very important.

For most women choosing a bag is about love at first sight – you see a bag that you instantly love and you have to have it. Cost and other aspects are secondary. This is the best way to choose a bag. A woman and her bag have an intimate connection. One that is inexplicable. The fact that you store very personal items in your bag has nothing to do with the way you feel about your bag.

When you need to buy a bag for a particular purpose, then you need to follow a proper procedure. It is not about how much you like the bag as ‘will the bag suit the purpose?’

Before selecting a bag you first need to identify a few key aspects such as:

  • Type of bag: There are a board classification of bags and you need to decide what you like and what will be most suitable to your need. Do you like a bag with a long strap or a tote bag or would you much rather prefer a clutch bag. If you are looking for a bag for party wear you could consider a purse with a delicate chain strap.
  • Size of bag: Do you like you carry a lot of stuff with you? This could mean that you like to lug along a lot of extra things just in case you need it. Some women feel secure when they have all their stuff with them. Most bags are designed to carry the essentials which include some items of make-up and a few other necessities. Do you like the small neat looking bags that can accommodate just a few things like your wallet, phone and few makeup things? You need to decide the size based on what you are comfortable with and what suits your requirement.
  • Colour: Some ladies are in vogue with the vibrant colours while others prefer the neutral sober colours. The colour of your bag is a very personal decision. A woman decides the colour of her bag based on what she can relate to.
  • What is the occasion: Do you need a bag for a party or to carry to work or are you looking for a bag that you can carry for outdoor activity like picnics, shopping or club outings? If you are shopping for a bag for a particular occasion then you need to select the appropriate bag that will suit the occasion.

These are just a few of the aspects that you need to be clear on before you begin looking at the Funkaari bag. Shopping gets a lot easier when you have some idea of what you want. You can be sure that whatever type of bag you have in mind you can find it in the vast Funkaari collection.

The perfect bag for all occasions

At work my boss suddenly told me that I had to take our clients to a formal evening event that included a dinner party. I had 40 minutes to head to the closet mall and get myself an outfit. I found a nice party top that I could wear over my black trousers. My patent leather stilettoes were perfectly suited to my outfit.

Accessories are an important part of a woman’s outlook. I was so glad that I had carried my Funkaari bag to work that day. It spared me the concern of having a suitable bag for the party. This has been my favourite bag ever since I got it. And you’ll never guess the reasons:

Looks great

This bag has just the perfect look that easily blends with any occasion. I carry it to work, I carry it for a party, I carry it shopping. It just fits in perfectly everywhere. It is genuine leather and has a class appeal of its own.


Why do I carry my Funkaari bag everywhere? It is practical. I can use it to keep the stuff I need. It goes over my shoulder easily and allows me keep my hands free for other stuff. This is very important for me.


When I selected this Funkaari bag online my idea was to buy a bag that was spacious but didn’t look over sized. I despise bags that look like mini sacks.  My Funkaari bag looks neat and chic and you will be surprised at the amount of stuff I can fit in there.


After using this Funkaari bag I can definitely vouch for the durability of their products. I have used and used this bag to no end and it is still running strong and looks as good as ever. Of course I do make sure that I always keep it in a clean place and if it gets wet I wipe it as soon as possible. Fortunately water doesn’t really stain leather.


The reason I actually bought this bag was because I wanted a good leather bag that would be suitable to carry to the office, but I didn’t want something that was too expensive. I saw this bag on the Funkaari website and bought it on an impulse. I am so glad I did. Something’s are just meant to be.

A woman must be able to look at a bag and know that it is the one for her. This is how I felt when I bought my bag and it has never let me down in any way. I still get compliments on ‘what a nice bag’ or ‘I love your bag’.  It warms my heart to hear these words.