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Shop Overview

A handbag is an essential accessory for every woman. The bag she carries articulates her finest qualities. We serve a niche clientele who can relate to our bags and the manner in which they convey a refined grace.

We cater to your intimate needs for the storage of your personal belongings. Each bag tells a profound story that is based on character and depth. It speaks in the colour, the craftsmanship, and every stroke of the design. Our intricately crafted bags bring out the best in a woman with the simple elegance and sophistication.

Our bags can be broadly classified as Casual, Business, Sports and General. We offer leather products for both men and women in their individual categories.

We assure you that you’ll always be thankful for your Funkaari bag and it will serve you well and long. We staunchly uphold the sustainable way of life which is firmly founded in the durability of our product.

Funkaari has a mission to reach every nook and corner of India by leveraging the diversity of the internet. Our online shopping portal offers you a bespoke assortment of bags that are designed to meet your every requirement.

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