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The inception of Funkaari is based on the aspiration to design bags made from pure leather which are user-friendly and practical. Our vision is to provide ladies with the ultimate satisfaction of a genuine leather product in an elegant design.

Funkaari is the culmination of the desire to put our vast experience and rich knowledge of the leather industry to some good practice. After 25 years in the leather industry in 2016, we incorporated Funkaari. It is a place where fun and creativity are essential elements of our work environment. We enjoy every aspect of the work from creating new designs, choosing the type of leather, and defining the color. Our expertise in selecting the leather is based on the fiber strength for a particular design, which also goes to determine the durability of the product.

Funkaari is a labyrinthine of traditional techniques with modern styles. Our intent is to create an everyday essential requisite with the finest leather. We blend unique designs with high-quality karigari. Our bags are designed from genuine leather using the finest techniques and decorated with exotic embellishments to give it the final touch of class. Every Funkaari product has a perfect finish and undergoes stringent quality checks.

Funkaari is founded on upholding a sustainable way of life. This is adequately demonstrated in our solicitous designs. It is eloquent for a party and practical for daily use. We offer a perfect combination of high quality, durable material, and an unmatched calibre of craftsmanship. Each bag is a prototype that reflects status.