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Leather is a natural material that is susceptible to aging like our own skin. Leather is very durable and a product that is well cared for can serve for many years. Besides being strong and durable, leather products also have a distinguished appearance due to its age or patina (The natural ageing effect of the leather is called Patina.) Leather ages and matures over time as do all hide, it is important to look after your leather product with the required care which will help it age gracefully. Leather that has aged over time with natural wear and tear has a charm of its own. It will over time develop cracks and creases and will pick up marks of its own, which are normal and add to the character of the bag. Minor scratches can be camouflaged with polishing, to avoid major scratches and damages, keep sharp objects away from the leather product.



Leather is a supple material that moulds its shape easily. It is advised not to stuff a leather bag beyond capacity as this will cause it to stretch in areas. Placing large odd-shaped items in the leather bag will develop odd-looking lumps and stretches which will mark the appearance of the product. Overstuffing can also cause damage to the zip and make it give way.


Leather products need to be stored in a cover that allows it to breath and also protects it from dust and dirt. We provide dust bags with all our products for extra care. As far as possible try and keep it in the dustproof bag provided. Avoid storing a leather item in a plastic or non-porous bag. The lack of air circulation will encourage mold growth. The best way to store a leather product is in a cotton bag or old cotton sheets. Store your leather products in a clean and dry place at all times.


The leather product may occasionally get excessively dirty and the best way to clean it is with some warm water and a soft cloth. Gently rub the area till it is relatively clean. Avoid applying pressure as it could permanently damage the area. Do expect that a stain may remain, however over time it will blend in with the natural look of the bag. Oil and grease spills can be cleaned by wiping off the excess and then sprinkling the area with chalk dust. Leave the chalk dust on it for about 24 hours and then wipe off with a soft cloth. The chalk would have absorbed most of the grease though there may still be some traces of the grease mark remaining on the leather.


A leather product can be dry cleaned. It is strictly advisable to ensure that the product is only given to a professional and reputed dry cleaner that specialises in dry cleaning leather products. A local dry cleaner that is not familiar with the handling care of leather products may end up ruining the product with the use of harsh dry cleaning chemicals not suitable for leather.


Just like a good pair of leather shoes, any leather product will thrive with regular polishing. Shoe polish is the best. Polishing may alter the colour of your product and it is advisable to first try it on a hidden area of your product. Even using a neutral colour or clear polish can result in a slight colour variation to the original colour.


Leather needs moisture to remain supple or it has a tendency to become hard and brittle and could even disintegrate over a long period of time if left uncared for. There are a few leather care products which are recommended. Some oils designed for leather are useful. You can also use Vaseline or saddle soap to moisturize your leather product. A leather conditioner can be used to keep the leather product in good condition.


Avoid keeping leather products in direct sunlight. Extreme temperatures can have an adverse effect on the durability of the leather. Direct sunlight can cause the leather to get pigmented and form bubbles under the finish, which will destroy the appearance of the product. Extreme cold will damage the fibre structure of the leather and make it brittle.


If a leather product gets wet in the rain or due to other circumstances, wipe off the excess water with a towel. Then allow the product to dry naturally at room temperature. Do not place the product near a heater or any other heating device. It is preferable to avoid letting leather products get wet as they can get watermarks on the surface and modify the appearance.


Avoid using lanolin or products that contain lanolin on your leather products. Baby wipes contain lanolin and should not be used to wipe a leather bag; this removes the moisture off the leather. Do not expose leather products to harsh chemicals used around the house such as caustic soda, turpentine, kitchen or other cleaning solutions and agents. All these products contain chemicals that can seriously damage your leather product. It destroys the protective coating and the finish giving the leather a dreadful unfinished and rough look in that area.

Wax and silicon should also be kept away from the leather product as this blocks the pores which hinder the leather from breathing. Avoid getting perfume and aftershave on your leather product as these are alcohol-based products that damage the leather. In the event that you should spill your alcoholic beverage on your leather product, wipe it off immediately and be prepared for a stain. Leather products if looked after well can look even better after a few years of use than they do when new. If the above suggestions do not provide you a solution to your problem you can email us any queries that you may have regarding the care of your leather product and we will be happy to help you. Our email id is infofunkaari@gmail.com.